Research Team

Suffia Malik

I support Lotus STEMM because I want to help grow a network of South Asian women leaders and encourage young women to pursue their dreams in STEMM.

Hafsa Omer

By fostering an environment that allows for young female students to be introduced to science communication and research, Lotus STEMM will only give those individuals that much more of a reason to pursue rewarding opportunities.

Communications Team

Nida Rehmani

Lead Researcher

I am a proud woman in STEMM. I am currently a mentor for the 1000girls1000futures program under the Global STEM alliance. I am an avid reader, blogger, science communicator, youtuber and a mother. I like networking and socializing with like minded, creative individuals, striving to make the world a better place.

Sowmithree Ragothaman

I joined Lotus STEMM initially as a confused third-year university student seeking a mentor within the South Asian community. As an immigrant, I've often found navigating the post-secondary system difficult, especially as my family has little knowledge about my field of study. I was hoping to find someone who had been in my shoes before, and would be willing to both guide and challenge me. I was lucky to find that in Dr. Chaudhary, who's been a hugely positive influence in my life. I'm looking forward to helping this organization grow so that other South Asian girls in my situation can find a safe, welcoming space!

Priya Iyer

Strategic Communicator

Priya Iyer is a public health professional, a freelance writer, and a proud feminist. She was born in India and lived in the middle East before immigrating to Canada. She is excited to bring her skills in project management, stakeholder engagement and communications to bring greater visibility to diverse women in STEMM.

C M Manasvi

The Pond Project Lead

I'm a curious lover of all things science and I'm delighted to be a part of lotus stemm. Lotus stemm is a wonderful platform that encourages females to go beyond their limits with the support of South Asian female mentors. Let's grow together !

Catherine Crawford-Brown


As an undergraduate researcher, I was privileged to work in a lab filled with intelligent and diverse women. I joined Lotus STEMM to help increase the visibility and appreciation for these incredible women who helped shape me as a researcher. 

Program Development Team

Jovita Pinto

Mentorship Program Lead

I joined Lotus STEMM because I believe in its mission and vision. Being a south asian myself and a minority in my profession, I can relate to the struggles of an immigrant woman trying to aspire professionally. I have a Master's and Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering

Jaishree Subrahmaniam

Paksh Project Lead

Being a South Asian woman myself, I am thrilled to be a part of the support system that is Lotus STEMM. The core aim of LS, which is to celebrate diversity and promote women to follow their passion for science aligns with my passion for helping women in their STEAM journeys. Thanks to LS and Dr. Roopali, I got to create a mental health support system for researchers all over the world (Paksh) to help them in their journeys navigating a STEM career! 

Nakhat Fatima

Family & I Code Together Project Lead

As a South Asian that loves science, Lotus Stemm had an immediate appeal. Not only is this a great cause initiated by Dr. Roopali, it is exigent too. South Asian women are persons of individuality and vision, and their inclusion in development of the world would lead to bringing a unique perspective and make visible the potential of girls in a society which direly needs to let women take charge of their own lives.

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