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Networking & Leadership

South Asian positive word art

Our networking & leadership mission focuses on creating a mentorship and visibility platform for South Asian women in STEMM fields.

Mentorship is not only for our careers, but also for our personal lives. As South Asian women, our societal and familial responsibilities are great, but they should not hinder us from excelling in our careers. Within this mission, we aim to inspire South Asian girls/women, provide accessible workshops for both men and women on boosting our career trajectories, and give support to graduate students, all with a culturally competent mindset. 


"Lotus STEM was very helpful during my doctoral defense preparation. Roopali gave concrete feedback on my preparation slides. Also, I appreciated the one-on-one time Roopali spent with me asking questions about my thesis topic. This helped me to view my thesis with a different prespective (sic) and gave me the opportunity to practice answering questions."

- PhD Defense in Food Science and Human Nutrition

"Roopali was a great help in preparing for my masters thesis defense this past June. Despite a last minute request, she effectively helped me with my defense speech, outlining improvements I could make regarding my speech delivery. I ended up doing extremely well in my thesis, gaining a perfect score. In addition, she also worked with me in anticipating the defense questions, helping me prepare suitable answers that my supervisor would ask in regards to my thesis. To sum up, she was a great asset in preparing for my thesis, and I fully recommend research students to seek her help to prepare in the best way possible for optimum success."

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