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Bio-Services Logo

Bio-Services endeavours to bring the scientific community and the masses on a common platform to transfer knowledge about common preventable disease in women and girls.

Objectives of Bio-Services are:


a. Prevention and Disease Control:


(i) Encourage medical practitioners to promote screening and vaccination within communities by increasing awareness about them as well as emphasizing the role of a healthy diet and exercise.


(ii) Work closely with healthcare providers to raise awareness about the acceptability of vaccination by pre-adolescent girls and their parents in India as well as public health agencies on methods to improve and sustain immunization coverage.


b. Public Engagement Activities:


(i) Engage people through activities like workshops, public health lectures, art exhibitions, online discussions, social media & continuous medical education and to spread awareness about the importance of preventive health care.


(ii) Organize talks about specific public health issues and their impact on society at large delivered by medical professionals or scientists. These experts could also provide scientific advice and/or consultation as and when required.


c. Health Education and Research:


(i) Educate the masses about the most prevalent gynecologic cancers through sharing knowledge on the latest developments in scientific research, diagnostic tools and technologies and available treatments.


(ii) Spread awareness and engage in community based research on various environmental based, lifestyle based, genetic diseases and common sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health.

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