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Brain-shaped positive south asian word art

Our research mission aims to better understand how South Asian women's careers in STEMM are impacted.

Literature shows that the number of South Asian women in STEMM fields is much lower than those of men (1). South Asian women also face intergenerational and cultural conflict, academic pressures, relationship stress, financial stress and family difficulties, leading to them being disproportionately affected by mental health issues (2). Within this mission, our team is working towards understanding barriers, attitudes, and resolutions for South Asian women in STEMM fields.


"My experience doing research with Lotus STEMM has been an incredible experience. Dr Chaudhary has created a welcome learning environment where we as research students can take risks and explore ideas that build on our own strengths and passions. I have been given the opportunity to tackle big issues that I never would have expected to be able to explore in my undergraduate career. I have benefitted so much from working with peers who have elevated my ideas and made my exploration of the research process a collaborative and community-driven endeavour. My research with Lotus STEMM allows me to give back to the communities important to me and grow from the support Lotus STEMM has provided."

"Current research innovations developing in the science community are both an eye-opener and inspiration to incoming undergraduate students. In a matter of days, I was able to connect with Dr. Roopali Chaudhary to communicate my holistic passion for research, specifically in the field of women’s mental health. Both her and the other guiding LotusSTEMM members involved have acted as mentors in providing a step-by-step introduction to conducting my own research project (while also offering me the independence to study a specific idea(s) of my choosing). LotusSTEMM has truly motivated me to consider the extensive number of opportunities that students can avail amid their undergraduate career when provided with the correct resources and support. Dr. Chaudhary herself has been such a driving force in encouraging me to consider science as not only a career path, but as a firm foundation through which I can explore a plethora of discoveries."

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