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Our outreach mission is to provide resources on a variety of STEMM-related careers for students, teachers, and parents.

South Asian parents are an integral part of career decisions, not just for girls but boys as well. Having greater awareness of the varying opportunities in STEMM would give parents confidence in non-traditional STEMM careers. Kids are curious, intelligent, and creative; but at some point, these attributes get overshadowed by careers that are perceived to be financially stable. We are working towards increasing communication within the South Asian community to continue to engage them in understanding the diversity of STEMM possibilities. 


"I wanted to thank you for your incredible presentation. It definitely resonated with the audience as many students were speaking highly of the presentation and felt that your presentation was unique and highly engaging. One student in particular spoke to one of our executives and felt that your presentation made her want to consider changing her pathway to something in the STEM field for post secondary which was wonderful to hear."

"I really enjoyed the presentation by Dr. Chaudhary on STEMM and equity. Being a medical aspirant, the presentation helped me understand the importance of equity in science and why it is important to promote the recognition of females in this field. I really liked the use of mentimeter and the conversations we had while the presentation was being presented. The interaction made us feel engaged into the environment that was created and helped me understand the problems, females face in STEM careers. I also enjoyed the presentation style as  it was engaging (the use of mentimeter)."

"There are many things that I liked about the content that Dr Chaudhary touched upon. Some of those things included the interactive activities that we did on mentimeter which were then used to further elaborate on the discussion. This allowed students to stay awake and be active and engaged rather than to listen to a presentation. Another thing I liked was the fact that she was a female. Throughout this year I did not really here a lot of female guest speakers so it was good to see a female guest speaker come in and talk about issues not only surrounding women but in the community as a whole."

"I liked how Dr Chaudhary was very engaging and actually helped us take notice of certain stereotypes that we have never even thought of before, it made us learn a lot of new things, the presentation overall was very effective and very inspiring as her work tended to inspire me in many ways.  I liked how she showed us multiple sources that tend to be stereotypical and how we should always be alert for negative comments about feminism"

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