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Lotus STEMM has a task for you! This year, your challenge is to build a Goldberg machine, which is a complicated machine that uses a lot of different steps or tools to do a really simple task (like flipping a page). Submit an uncut video clip of your machine accomplishing your task. There are no restraints on creativity - the more (steps), the merrier!


Three (3) winners will be selected. Prizes to be announced soon!


Think about something very simple that you do everyday - it can be pushing a button, flipping a switch, opening a door, to name a few. We are challenging you to make these simple tasks more exciting by building a Rube Goldberg machine!


This machine is a collection of different steps that are activated consecutively in a domino-like effect. To set off the machine, you can initially touch the system, but after that, the entire machine has to work without any user input.


As a simple example, you could roll a ball, which then knocks over a block, which finally presses a button. To showcase more a slightly more complex machine, here is a video:





Before getting started, you can look at the graphics below to understand the different types of forces and energy that you will encounter during your project. This can provide some background information, and inspire you to be more creative with your ideas.


Be sure to reuse materials from around your house!




Please note: To claim prizes, winners will be contacted at the email address used to submit their videos.

*please read full terms and conditions below