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What We Do

Teach Me in 5 is a hands-on program for middle school students that will allow students to develop and refine a 5-minute science presentation while proceeding through various workshops. During the first half of the program, we will conduct workshops exploring different STEMM topics relating to a broader pre-decided focus, while emphasizing how a single topic can be approached from various cultural, technical, & societal perspectives. In the latter half, we will host interactive workshops to build effective communication skills & confidence in public speaking. 

What It's About

Science can be intimidating, especially when minorities, women and non-binary folk are underrepresented in the world of STEMM. However, developing confidence and expertise in science-related topics from a young age can empower these students to seek out more opportunities in STEMM fields in the future. Our curriculum encourages deeper, innovative thinking about conventional topics in science and aims to cultivate a life-long passion for learning.

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Who should sign up?

High school or undergraduate students that identifies as female or non-binary in Southern Ontario are eligible to apply.

What to expect

Join in for a hybrid learning model - balanced mix of independent learning through online modules and in-person/synchronous meetings (1.5 hours biweekly) with interactive activities and skill-building workshops (see dates below). If you have an interest in science/scientific exploration, and want to develop your research, communication and public speaking skills, this is the program for you!

Meeting dates

January 29th

February 5th

February 12th

February 19th

February 26th










DURATION: 4 weeks


Students will gain exposure to a variety of topics in STEM through guided explorations/modules.


Prepared lessons on topic areas with teaching materials will be provided to club leaders. Goal is for in-person lessons.


DURATION: 4 weeks


Students will learn the anatomy of an effective presentation. Sessions will focus on script writing, slide design and public speaking skills.


Work-shop style skill building, including diverse guest speakers, activities and exercises to improve presentation skills. Also intended for in-person lessons.


Learning Objectives

Main science concepts and board ideas to be communicated by the end of the session


Each module will be designed as a general lesson plan so that volunteers have both guidelines and flexibility in how they choose to deliver and run the exploration.

Required Materials

Activity Description

Key Points and Helpful Analogies

Videos, prepared slideshows, any media (books, podcast clips etc.) needed

Run-down of activities from start to finish with detailed instructions

Offer ways to explain challenging concepts within the lesson

Intended to supplement/assist in curricular explorations. Still in the process of deciding what materials these kits will include and how they will be incorporated in lessons.


Cohort 1: The Equation of Politics, History and Science

January 29, 2022 to March 26, 2022

Have you ever wondered how Russia was able to outsmart the United States and win the space race during the Cold War? Or how the invention of the passenger plane completely changed our definition of national borders? This module will be an in-depth exploration of the science behind key innovations that brought forward historical, political and social change. We will look at the physics of flight, the chemistry behind a nuclear reaction and the biology behind the world’s greatest disease outbreaks. Get ready for a deep dive into the past!

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